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Our History

Our History

  • 1950 - Otha L. "Casey" Compton & Virgil Smith begin Compton & Smith Funeral Home in old 2 story house on Factory Street
  • 1951 - Ballard Gosser joins the business and the name changes to Gosser & Smith 
  • Funeral Home and then for a short period of time it’s named Gosser Funeral Home after Ballard Gosser buys Mr. Smith’s part of the business
  • 1958 - Bobby McKinney joins the business and the name changes to Gosser-McKinney Funeral Home
  • 1960 - Earl Burton joins the business and the name changes to McKinney-Burton Funeral Home and the funeral home also moves to its current location on Campbellsville Street
  • 1973 - Boyd Brown joins the business and in 1974 the name changes to McKinney-Brown 
  • Funeral Home
  • 2004 – Bobby McKinney passes away
  • 2006 – Nell McKinney passes away and David McKinney assumes ownership with Boyd Brown
  • 2011 - Curt Demrow buys ownership from Boyd Brown and David McKinney

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