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Pets at Peace

Pets at Peace Cremation provides pet owners with compassionate and professional care after the passing of their pets. As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the profound grief that pet owners feel after the death of a pet. Because of this understanding, we strive to provide the most respectful and caring cremation experience possible for the pet of our clients.

After the loss of a pet, many owners choose to have their pet cremated privately. ‘Private Cremation’ means that your pet will be cremated alone, and that pet owners will receive the ashes of only their pet. All pet owners will have their pets’ ashes returned to them in an urn of your choice.

With packages starting at $210, we offer multiple packages to suit any customer's needs. Please contact us today for any questions.

Pets at Peace Cremation
752 Campbellsville Street
Liberty, KY 42539
(606) 787-6219
(a division of McKinney-Brown Funeral Home)

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